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MHRA registration approval for VH<sup>6</sup> a mobile rapid COVID-19 testing device.
MHRA registration approval for VH6 a mobile rapid COVID-19 testing device.

The launch of VH6 - Vidiia’s new diagnostic LAMP testing platform is one step closer to being rolled out internationally, meaning further breakthrough and progress in the fight against COVID-19.

VIDIIA Communications Team - November 19, 2020

VH6 powered by VIDIIA

David Rimer, CEO of Vidiia explained “It’s a terribly important time for the company to ensure that we make the VH6 and test kit available as widely as possible and at speed. We have been working extremely hard with the universities to ensure that we launch a device and testing process that is highly accurate and stable – we are delighted that the MHRA approval of our registration has pushed us one step closer to this”.
Virus Hunter 6 (VH6) is available to purchase now as a de-centralised point-of-care solution for use in locations where business continuity is required, multiple patients require testing simultaneously and results of tests are necessary within a 20-minute timeframe.

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