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Developed in collaboration with three UK leading Universities, Brunel, Surrey and Lancaster over the last two years.
Introducing Virus Hunter 6 (VH6) – a low cost and innovative virus testing platform with in built Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to continually improve accuracy, speed and time to results.
Patient and operator Apps ensure a seamless client journey from sample collection to result and cloud based tools produce diagnostic analysis.

Product features include

Positive results in as little as ten minutes, negative in twenty minutes.

VH6 can run 6 individual tests simultaneously.

Artificial Intelligence replaces the eye of the laboratory expert.

Specificity 99%, Sensitivity 97%. Very low limit of detection, CT value below 35.

Small, (size of two cans of coke) portable with low power consumption.

End to end operator and patient App with cloud-based diagnostics.

Making testing cost effective,
simple, safe and field based

Through re-engineering the current laboratory testing process and working with leading scientists and industry experts we have managed to create an extremely cost effective testing device and testing kit.

Our simple 5 step testing process ensures that users require simple training and get laboratory expertise through built in Artificial Intelligence.

Our mission is to make testing decentralised, fast, low cost and easy to operate.

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| Specificity
| Sensitivity


Our innovative technology consists of Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP), rapid and efficient RNA preparation and Artificial Intelligence. Packaged into a neat, stylish and portable device known as VH6.

The LAMP assay targets a highly conserved region of the SARs-CoV-2 N gene identified by screening over 3,000 genomes, worldwide. Repeated experiments conducted on synthetic RNA and RNA extracted from clinical samples indicate a lower limit of detection of 10 copies of RNA per sample. This demonstrates high sensitivity which means early detection of the virus.

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Overall testing process

VIDIIA's 5 step testing process has been designed to deliver best in class rapid screening for COVID-19 at Point Of Care (POC).

Why Virus Hunter 6?

An innovative collaborative
approach from Universities and Business
to the challenges of a
global pandemic


We have developed assays for testing more than one gene. VH6 is capable of multiplexing samples. Projects are underway to dry all test kits removing the need for a cold chain.

| Intelligent

Test results are assessed by a trained machine learning algorithm, reducing the risks of miss interpretation and predicting results earlier.

| Simple & cost effective

A cost effective Internet of Things (IOT) device and test kit combined with mobile technology and web services will enable hundreds of tests to be performed a day.

| Secure

Our systems operate with 99.99% uptime and are highly scalable. Vidiia data centres are certified to the highest security standards for data protection.

Global Scale

Centralised and decentralised
field based virus testing

Initially designed to detect the CoVID-19 virus, VH6 platform can be adapted to detect other (non-CoVID-19) viruses. This will provide organisations with a much-needed portable, reliable instrument that can be used to help prevent and manage any future pandemics.

| Samples Tested
| Artificial samples tested
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